Puget Sound Writers’ Guild

I began writing this story as a catharsis, following a tragic period in my life. Writing allowed me to focus on something other than the deep sadness I felt at the time. While my intention was to tell a story about an abbey raising a little boy, the art of writing was not paramount. But as I continued to learn the craft, I decided I needed more direct input than was available at my desk and, to my good fortune, found the Puget Sound Writers’ Guild right here in Olympia.

The experienced leaders of the guild provide a short series of introductory classes to new participants, familiarizing us with various elements of novel writing, as well as a weekly critique group to provide on-going feedback on one’s use of these tools as they are incorporated into the tale being spun.

The Benediction of Paul series went through several revisions and the guild provided on-going feedback to much of that revision process as well as suggestions about the “business” of writing, such as developing blurbs for the covers, discussions about websites and social media, and query letters to publishers or agents.

I appreciate their insights, patience, and friendship over these many years, as I moved from being the roughest of novices to the moment I shared with them that I had a four-book deal with a publisher.