Introducing Winds of Life

Book One of The Benediction of Paul

Book cover, a raven grasping a rosary with mountains in the background. Title "Winds of Life" a novel by Patricia McClure. Book 1 of the Benediction of Paul

Welcome to St. Alberic’s Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery in Eastern Montana.

Karl Mackenzie Knows the Song became a Benedictine monk by default after a drunk driver took the lives of his wife and children. Now known as Father Jacob, he hasn’t quite forgiven God and is not ready to love again. When an orphaned boy, Paul Warner, is adopted by St. Alberic’s Monastery, he and his best friend, Father Joannicus, find themselves face to face with a job neither of them are ready for. God and their contemplative life are overshadowed with an insistent Abbot, a suspicious social worker, and a curious, energetic four year old boy.